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We are now accepting seed order forms for the 2017 growing year!
Seeds will be shipped shortly.
NOTE: When in stock, Bushel-100+, African Wine Kettle, and Giant Martin and Basketball seeds are 6 seeds / $3.00.
All other seeds are 12+/$3.00.

- Click on gourd names to see picture and description of the gourd.
- To ensure accuracy, please download the order form (below), print it, fill it out it, then send (with payment) to the address listed on the form.

Click here for seed order form

Listed below are the various seeds we offer. Click on the name to see a picture and more information on that particular seed.

01-Apple, SHORT
02-Apple, TALL
03-Martin shap, SMALL (9 - 12")
04-Martin shape, TALL (11 - 12+)LIMITED STOCK
05-Kettle Mix
06-Kettle, African Wine (16" W x 24" H) OUT OF STOCK
07-Bird House, Bottle Mix
09-Bushel, 100 lbs plus (18"W x 14" H) OUT OF STOCK
10-Giant Martin House, Giant OUT OF STOCK
11-Canteen (8" W x 4" H)
12-Canteen,Corsican (10" W x 5" H)
13-Tobacco Box (taper top) (8" W x 6" H)
14-Canteen, Copper Canyon (Pear shape)(6" W x 8" H)
16-Cannon Ball
17-Bat Gourd (30-36" long)
18-Bottle, Mexican Water
19-Bottle Gourd (8-10" H)
20-Bottle mix
21-Dipper, SHORT Handle (12-18" long)
22-Dipper, APACHE (flat bottom) (12-18" long)
23-Dipper,LONG Handle (24-30" long)
24-Dipper, EXTRA LONG HANDLE (30+" long)
25-Luffa, LONG
26-Jewelry, sub-mini mix OUT OF STOCK
27-Bottle, MINI-BOTTLE, round top (3-5" H)
28-Kettle, MINI (3-4" H)OUT OF STOCK
29-Bottle, SMALL (taper top) (4-7" H) (limited quantity)
30-Bottle, Mini-Chinese, taper top (3-5" H)
31-Ornamental gourd, mini-kettle shape (3-5")
35-Crown of Thorns
36-Nest Egg
37-Kettle, MEDIUM (6" W x 9" H)
38-Wrenhouse, Hardshell mix
39-Bottle, Indonesian LIMITED STOCK
41-Basketball (limited availablility)
43-Long Gourd OUT OF STOCK
45-Swan/Goose Gourd
46-Warty, African (8-9" H)
48-Luffa, ball
49-Zucca ((18: H)OUT OF STOCK
50-Hard shell Warty (5-6" H)
51-Orange Gourd (3" round)
52-Autumn Wings, Mixed
53-Vase Gourd

If you have any questions regarding seeds please contact:
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