2016 IGS State Show

Division 3 - Botanicals Division

Class 18 - Tabletop Gourd Planter containing plant(s) of your choice


1st place: E16210

1st place, Seth Kent

Class 19 - Three (3) handcrafted gourd flowers, in a gourd vase/container

No entries

Class 20 - A table centerpiece using gourds and fresh or dried natural plant materials, gourds must predominate

No entries

Class 21 - One (1) hanging wreath/swag of any natural material, 75% gourd or gourd pieces


1st place: Helen Thomas
1st place, Helen Thomas

Class 22 - "My Way" Any Botanical design not listed above


1st place: Kathy Voyles
1st place, Kathy Voyles

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